An Artist Collective 

Founded by seasoned artist Clinton Crumpler, Dekogon is an artist collective that provides specialized high quality environment art and asset creation, production, and resources focused on AAA game art development. 

Comprised of 100+ industry veterans from across the gaming industry, our combined experience  has allowed us to develop a critical eye for creating the best content to suit industry professionals, companies, students, and client needs. We have formed a collective of the most talented artists to create a powerhouse of expertise in multiple facets of game development. Our artistry originates from classical art composition and ideals, applying them into a 3D space using cutting-edge tech within the gaming industry.

Our Talents

  • High (cinematic) and low (real time) poly modeling for games
  • PBR Texturing 
  • Advanced UE4 Material Setup
  • Unreal Scene Creation
  • Post Process and Look Development
  • 3D Blockout and Mockup
  • Educational Tutorials and Learning Content
  • Art and Software Training
  • Collaborative Artist Opportunities

Our Work

Our work can be found in many of the industry's AAA and Indie Games