Q. What are you rates for contract work?

A. This primarily depends on the scope and timeline of the project. Please contact us here to give us an idea of what you are looking for so that we can best appraise the work.

Q: What is your availability?

A: Please email us at for our availability and more information on our services.


Q: Where can I purchase your products or assets?

A: Our products are sold at many digital retailers. Check the shop list for more information and links.


Q: I bought from one of your stores and I want to buy the same scene from another store. Can I transfer my sale? 

A: Unfortunately this is not possible. Each store we sell on has their own payment and distribuion plans. We are not able to transfer your information from one store to another. 



Q. Can I find out more about using content that I have bought from the store?

A. The majority of products on the store has a companion document that shows updates, usage tips and tricks, and how to control the contents of each product. Please see the respective product that you have purchased to find the linked informational document.


Q. Is your Content available for Use for COMMERCIAL Products?

A. Yes all the assets, scenes, textures, etc are available for use for personal, educational, or commerical use. The only limitations are that you are not allowed to resale any asset as or tweaked in any online marketplace or digital store. 


Q. Do You supply SUpport for your content?

A. Each project scene has support documentation detailing each aspect of the project's design and construction. Scenes are updated per each new version of unreals release and documentation is updated to reflect any changes made over time. Check under the store for support documentation.


Q. What Kollab?

A. It is an artist collaborative between some of the best environment artists in the industry. 


Q. How do I become a part of Kollab?

A. Currently Kollab is an invite only service that we are developing. If you feel you would make an excellent artist candidate for the service please email us at